With All of the Free Information Available, Why Take a Course??

Because the Culinary School of Hard Knocks is a 1-Star Experience

I'm a proud graduate of the Culinary School of Hard Knocks.  That's the tongue-in-cheek way that I describe the way I learned to bake: too much trial and error, too much time spent trying to figure out which sources of baking information were good ones (and which ones...weren't), waaaaaaay too much money on wasted ingredients.  So, while I graduated from there, it was beyond frustrating at times, and there were many times that I wanted to quit.  I give it 1.5 stars.

When I was learning, I longed for a reputable, approachable, one-stop-shop where I could improve my baking skills and have a great time.  I never found exactly what I was looking for, so I created it here for you!