Does This Sound Like You?

If so, this Masterclass is perfect for you!

  • You never *quite* know how thin or thick your buttercream should be before you use it;

  • You want to achieve professional flavor profiles with your cakes, but don't know where to start;

  • You want to learn the secrets to perfect fruit fillings for your cakes (the kind that don't run everywhere!);

  • You want to add depth and dimension to the cakes that you make at home; and/or

  • You want to know which flavor combinations work well together so that you can make the best cakes of your life!

Are you ready to elevate your cakes? Take your cakes up *several* notches this fall with the secrets you'll learn in this masterclass replay!

You don't ever have to be flummoxed by buttercream again.

In this two-hour masterclass, I'll teach you how to create easily customizable simple syrups, glazes, fillings, and buttercreams for your special cakes.  I'll demonstrate techniques for each of them, and you'll be able to access the video forever!

Oh!  And you'll have fun printable recipes (with customizations included) to help you make your cakes truly yours.  

This is the Fall that your cakes take center stage at all of your gatherings!

Your Fall baking will never, *ever* be the same once you've mastered the special finishing touches that will have your friends, family, and coworkers begging you to bring more of your delicious, unique, special treats.

If you want to know how to revive dry cake, how to make perfectly textured buttercream, and how to add wonderful, special, and unexpected goodness to every cake you bake...this class is for you!

Are you ready to take your cakes to the next level?

Enroll now before this masterclass closes forever!

What My Students Say:

“Shani changed my life with her course. I am as confident during baking as I have always been while gave me the foundation I needed to become this free spirit home chef recipe developer that I love being.”

Mila M.

“This class was just what I needed & it was such a treat! It has awakened the sleeping baker inside of me once again. Shani's style of teaching is so easy to the end you're taking all the skills she's given you and creating your own recipe. it's really exciting to put it all together.”

Tamiko B.

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Meet Your Baking Bestie, Shani!

Shani Whisonant

Chief Butter Ambassador

Hi! I'm Shani Whisonant, and I'm the Chief Butter Ambassador at Begin with Butter, and a 5-star cottage bakery owner. I'm a self-taught baker and I've worked for years to achieve my own baking confidence and consistency. I created the blog Begin with Butter in 2021 to help people with their biggest baking challenges. I opened the Begin with Butter Home Baking Academy to help you bust through all of your baking barriers so that you can be confident in the kitchen. My greatest joy is teaching others and I can't wait to bake with you!


  • When is this class?

    You can take this course whenever you're ready! It was originally recorded on August 27, 2022, but you can view the course whenever you'd like!

  • Is this class live?

    This class was taped live on August 27, 2022, but it is now available on demand!

  • Do I need to purchase ingredients or equipment to participate in this class?

    Not at all! While you'll have the ingredients and equipment beforehand, you're welcome to sit in the class and just enjoy the demo! You'll have the video forever, so you don't have to worry about trying to recreate everything I do during our time together.

  • How long is the class?

    The class is about an hour and 40 minutes total.

  • How long will I be able to access this Masterclass?

    For the life of the course! Once you purchase the Masterclass, you'll have lifetime access to the course contents! And you can download the content as well!

  • What if I have more questions?

    I love questions! Feel free to email me at [email protected] and I'm happy to answer them for you!

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